Women in Recovery: Finding Support, Following Suggestions, and Learning to Trust

When I first started going to recovery meetings, I didn’t trust anyone. Not even myself. And even though I didn’t understand why, I was especially intimidated by women. As a woman in recovery, I kept hearing that I should trust women, stick with the women, ask other women for help, but it just didn’t feel right to me. Women scared me, I thought they would manipulate me, judge me, compete with me because I felt like that was what they had always done. Of course I know now that a lot of my insecurity about trusting women was my own unhealthy defense mechanism.

During active addiction, I surrounded myself with the opposite sex, hoping to avoid judgement and seek validation. Seeking external validation from the opposite sex isn’t healthy, and my own unhealthy mind […]

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Living Sober in Manhattan – Booze-Free Activities for Your Recovery

There’s no denying it, New York City is a party town. Packed with thousands of bars, nightclubs, speakeasies, cocktail lounges, irish pubs, sake bars, underground clubs, and more, there’s no shortage of places to get a drink in the City. Manhattan has a well-earned reputation as a place where it’s easy to have fun. For many, this reputation makes NYC a destination to live the ultimate work hard/play hard lifestyle. But for those seeking sobriety in the City That Never Sleeps, NYC’s reputation as a party town can leave people in recovery feeling like the only way to get sober and stay sober is to leave the city altogether.

Luckily, you don’t have to leave New York to leave alcohol and drugs in the past. Sure, it’s easy to find a drink in NYC, […]

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Building a Support System Through Sober Relationships

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in early recovery, that child is us. A newly recovering alcoholic or addict is often compared to a newborn baby. Helpless, needy, and emotionally uncontrollable, and in need of help. People in early recovery need support and guidance from people with recovery experience – either trained addiction and recovery professionals, or people with personal experience with addiction and recovery, or preferably both. Without support, the chances of a full recovery are dramatically decreased.

Working with other addicts and alcoholics is a core tenet of several recovery programs. Even without any “program” in place, in order for a recovery attempt to be successful family and friend circles need to be dynamite – not naysayers, dependents, or enablers. We can find this support in many […]

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Addiction and Impulse in Recovery

Many people assume that addiction ends the moment we stop using alcohol and drugs, but addiction isn’t just a physical ailment. Addiction is a compulsive behavioral pattern that often continues into sobriety, beyond the use of alcohol and drugs. Normal behaviors that seem harmless at first can spiral out of control, rapidly becoming compulsions that are as harmful as addiction to alcohol and drugs.

As addicts in recovery, our addiction can manifest in a variety of ways, compelling us to act out on addictive behaviors, sometimes without realizing it. There are many recovery fellowships that deal specifically with non-substance-based compulsive behaviors, such as Gamblers Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Co-dependents Anonymous, and more. Just because an addiction or compulsion doesn’t involve alcohol or drugs doesn’t mean it’s harmless.


Finding the line between harm reduction and […]

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Benefits of Sober Living

Early sobriety is a confusing and precarious time in the life of anyone recovering from addiction. During the the first 6-12 months of recovery we learn how to navigate the world in our newfound sobriety, while simultaneously trying to learn how to be comfortable in our own skin. We are bombarded by unfamiliar, conflicting, and often painful emotions that combine with old habits and old ways of thinking. Emotionally, everything feels raw and uncomfortable, with even slight annoyances or disappointments feeling like the end of the world.

Without proper treatment, guidance, and a safe, supportive home environment, these triggers can become overwhelming, resulting in relapse. To minimize triggers and avoid potential relapses, many recovering addicts and alcoholics take up residence in a sober living. Sober livings encourage growth through accountability and responsibility, while giving […]

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Early Recovery Services part 3: Rehab and Sober Living

When it comes to recovery from addiction to alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviors, it’s never too early to get started. But many for many people seeking recovery for the first time, it’s hard to know where to begin. Questions like, “should I start with meetings?” or “do I need to go to detox?” or “how do I find a rehab that works for me?” are common for those new to recovery. These questions can be overwhelming and confusing, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

In this 3-part series, we’ll explain the differences between detox, rehab, intensive outpatient programs, recovery fellowships, sober living, and more, to give newcomers and their families a basic roadmap for addressing and defeating addiction safely. This information in these posts is not a definitive blueprint for recovery. Rather, these […]

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