Recovery In The New Year

“New year, new me,” is a common adage flashed and scattered across social media for ushering in the new year, though oftentimes used ironically or as a joke. The hyperbolic saying alludes to the idea that somehow, because of the turn of the clock, one must magically gather perspective on how they have been throughout the year and get their act together, as if one were broken, as if there were things to fix. This kind of thinking riddles me with low-grade hopeful anxiety. I distinctly recall binge-reading journal entries on a New Year’s Eve trying to remember what it was I did that year and how I was feeling–an attempt to have it make sense and point towards where I thought I needed to charge ahead.

For those of us in recovery, our “soberversary” […]

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Sober Autumnal Fun in NYC

Though the Halloween buzz (and your sugar hangover) may be over, the time between now and Thanksgiving can be just as electric and stimulating. Autumn is not only a visually stunning time of year, but also one for sober introspection, cozying up with layers, yummy company, and grounding foods and warm non-alcoholic drinks. However, the upcoming holiday season can be really triggering if you’re not spotchecking your emotions and feelings throughout the day (hours if need be), which may lead you to fantasizing about picking substances up. If the thought of a booze-free autumn gives you chills, rest assured that New York City has got you covered with sober-friendly indoor and outdoor autumnal activities that will enrich your recovery. Read on to get a sense of the adventures available to you in this gorgeous season of […]

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Feeling Triggered To Pick Up? Here’s What To Consider

Holding space for feelings, especially in recovery, may seem like a tall order on some days and a non-issue on others. This inability to maintain presence with what’s coming up can trigger you to want to use alcohol, drugs, and other substances or engage in other harmful behaviors. I’m here to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with experiencing triggers, no matter how far along you are in your recovery journey. Although cravings can whisk you out of the present moment and into the desperate, hellish realm of grasping and dissatisfaction with what simply is, the state of being triggered is not a sign of weakness or an indication of the quality of your recovery as it can seemingly arise out of nowhere and is, quite frankly, a reminder that you are a human, one who […]

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You’re At A Sober Living. Now What?

Once you’ve decided that the next step in your recovery journey after addiction treatment or rehab is heading to a sober living, a lot of emotions, questions, curiosities, and concerns may arise–all of which are normal. This decision is a monumental step in helping cement the foundation of your newfound sobriety and one you want to take full advantage of when you decide to go for it. For a general overview of sober livings and how to choose them, see the earlier article on this blog Transitional Living: Aftercare In Recovery, which outlines what to look for in a sober living, such as costs, accommodations, rules and regulations, in-person impressions of the space, as well as strict ethical guidelines. You’ll want a facility with safe, targeted, and holistic residential recovery services […]

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Recovering The Body While Living Sober 

In the trenches of substance abuse, the body becomes an effective punching bag, whether the user intends to consciously inflict harm on it or not. Depending on the extent of using, the body may feel beyond repair. Sobriety, however, affords you a chance for your body to undergo a variety of changes and your experience of – and relationship to – your body will inevitably change as well. These changes widely vary from person to person based on the specific substances that were used, the severity of use, as well as the unique constitution of our individual bodies. However, not all changes come easily or quickly, and may require a great deal of time, space, patience, and additional help despite the body’s natural intelligence and inclination to heal. 

I didn’t realize how obvious my tendency […]

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Sober Summer Fun in NYC

For some, the siren song of alcohol and drugs may be louder in the summer as drinking and partying moves outdoors, but with a plethora of sober-friendly summer activities in New York City, the temptation of a cold boozy drink or fear of picking other substances up need not keep you from taking part in the amazing things happening in and around the city. Here is a sampling of sober-friendly, fun-yet-relaxing summer ideas, events, and opportunities available to you and your friends and family in this dazzling metropolis.


Outdoor Sober-Friendly Activities

The warmth of the sun on your skin, music wafting in from the distance (or nearby on a stage), and a delicious ice-cold booze-free drink in hand–all of these are a few of the gifts of summer and freshly available for your enjoyment […]

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