Our Mission and Ethics

Avenues NYC is dedicated to helping our clients succeed. By providing access to comprehensive recovery services and a positive, stable, sober living environment, we encourage our clients to live a happy, fulfilling, sober life, one day at a time.

Through support, guidance, and positive affirmation, we help our clients focus on the road ahead, instead of dwelling in the past. This positive, forward-looking approach builds self-esteem and self-confidence, fostering an enthusiasm for sobriety and promoting purpose-driven recovery.

Avenues NYC strives to provide the highest level of support for men and women recovering from addiction and co-occurring disorders by offering comprehensive recovery services in a safe, comfortable, community-oriented sober environment.

Avenues NYC puts the health and wellbeing of our clients first. By adhering to strict ethical guidelines that exceed industry standards, Avenues NYC provides the highest quality of care for men and women suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Ethics Statement

  • Avenues NYC does not pay or receive payment for inbound or outbound referrals

    We do not exchange money or favors with rehabs, treatment facilities, “rehab review” aggregator websites, or any other outside provider. All referrals are based solely on reputation, native advertising, word of mouth, and what is the most beneficial for our clients and their recovery needs.

  • Clients are not charged for services they have not received or utilized

    Clients who choose to leave an Avenues NYC sober living before their monthly billing cycle is over will receive a refund for their remaining balance, minus service charges and fees as agreed to in their intake contract.

  • Avenues NYC makes no promise of a “permanent cure” or “easy” recovery

    We support, encourage, and promote recovery through hard work and participation in tried-and-true recovery methods such as inpatient programs, outpatient programs, 12-step groups or other recovery fellowships, and medical or mental health assistance.

  • Services from outside providers are not included in Avenues NYC’s monthly residence and in-house services fee

    Services from outside providers will be billed directly to clients by the service provider, and cannot be combined with Avenues NYC service fees.

  • Additional recovery services may be requested by clients based on their own individual needs

    Avenues NYC clients that require additional in-house recovery service will be informed of the benefits and monetary cost of each service before agreeing to utilize said service(s).

  • Avenues NYC doesn’t have any hidden fees or incidental charges for sober living residence

    Avenues NYC’s residence fee covers residency, food, amenities, drug testing, breathalyzer testing, and included residential recovery services (case management, clinical referral, and integration coaching). Fees for additional services will not be billed unless discussed and agreed to by our clients.